Eveling's mission:

Deliver beautiful and empowering evening  gowns that are accessible without compromising on quality and experience.

Who we are?

Eveling was created by a husband and wife duo: Edan and Esther. They respectively chose to work in the fashion industry soon after Edan realized how important Esther’s personal wardrobe meant to her. She has a large collection of evening gowns that are all very meaningful and hold many happy memories. One day, Edan asked Esther why she loved fashion and she said, “there is an amazing feeling of confidence when a woman dresses well that can’t be compared to anything else.”

We see our products as more than just dresses. To us, a dress represents the most joyous and unforgettable moments our customers are able to create while wearing that special look or style. We’re delighted to be a part of that experience and so happy you have landed on our page.

What Eveling Offers:

What’s your favorite style? Do you love to mix in the fun modern colors with a classic vintage design? Or perhaps you consider yourself the blushing bridesmaid who is happy to be walking down the aisle behind her BFF on her big day. Planning a wedding takes time and patience. At Eveling, we help make the vision of you dreams become a reality. With so many unique styles for the mother of the bride or bridesmaid, all you have to do is walk the aisle confidently while looking your very best.

Let’s not forget prom season... Esther still retains her special prom dress from her senior year. Perhaps one day she can pass this dress down to her daughter or niece. Or better yet, her style can influence the next generation of high school prom goers. Whether you’re gearing up for a special occasion that’s family oriented or in a professional setting, you’ve come to the right place.
We are committed to instilling trust and confidence, every step of the way by striving to surpass expectations. We want you to feel more beautiful than ever in our exquisite evening gowns!