What Type of Dress Silhouette Flatters Your Body Type Best?

Sexy Top Baby Blue Two Piece Ball Gown
Shop Eveling brings you the best of the best this year, no matter what body type. Yes, it can be a daunting task looking for the best fit for your body shape... but rest assured, we have plenty of options!

Red Metallic Flower Print Dress in Black

Let’s start with the plunging v neck dress above. The cute A-line style skirt is great for any height as it compliments the legs. We love the empire waist on the dress since it can suit any size hip and keep your belly area roomy. Comfort is important! I personally hate being bloated at any big event and this style keeps me confident as it won’t tighten up on my waist. Yet, you can still feel and look gorgeous in this dancing number, gals!

Silver, Long Length with Slit Dress

A mermaid style skirt dress with a long slit at the thigh is also a great choice for various body types. And if the dress skirt is too long, a simple hem can correct the length. Short body types fear not, the slit gives an illusion on height making you feel and look taller with each dazzling step.

Black Top and Long Pink Skirt Dress

A classic ball gown dress, like the black top and pink skirt dress above, is popular for all body types. Especially for those with long legs (lucky!), you can get away with any type of skirt length. Sweep the dance floor away with this instagramable ball gown that will match a beautiful, cotton candy summer sunset.

Sexy Top Baby Blue Ball Gown

Speaking of cotton candy, let’s end this post with a personal favorite from us at Shop Eveling. This blue cotton candy dress is what dreams are made of. The straps at the back can easily make your dress fit comfortably but look super sexy. Weather you are short or tall, the ball gown skirt compliments pretty much all body types. So whether you consider yourself a pear shaped gal, have a spectacular hourglass figure or need extra room at the bust… there are definitely plenty of takers!

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