Unique Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

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As the timeless nursery song goes, “first comes love, then comes marriage…” The classic K-I-S-S-I-N-G rhyme still goes strong to this day on playgrounds across america. The funny part about it is that it’s pretty accurate. What usually is a joke for children can be very realistic for adults. So, what’s your love story? We’re so happy you’ve landed on our page as our team is here to help you feel confident for the special day. The day you celebrate love with your lifetime partner. So when and where did the proposal take place? Nonetheless, let’s start planning for your big day!

A bride and her bridesmaids pose happily for the camera in formal wear

One of the most exciting things about planning a wedding is getting to choose your bridal party. Maybe it can be a bit stressful as to who will be the maid of honor, how many girls to invite, and so forth. Once the selection process is over with, the super fun fashion side of the planning commences! The trends for bridesmaid gowns continue to flourish. Some of our favorites this year? First off, we love the mix and match gowns. Like the photo above, from Tulle and Chantilly, you can see that the bride incorporated a pastel color scheme with varying colors. A different color dress for each bridesmaid! We love that it’s not super formal, it’s a bit more on the casual side and the colors make us feel extra warm.

A bridal party dressed in unique yellow dresses with the bride posing center

What if you want to keep the same color scheme but still have a different look for each bridesmaid? Check out this yellow submarine dream pictured above. From Belle the Magazine, this look incorporates different styles and design for each gal pal. Why do we love this idea? It creates a budget friendly option for your girlfriends and they can choose a style that suits their body type and fashion taste. In addition, this makes it easier on the bride to concentrate on other wedding planning tasks. Plus this is also a smooth transition for her girls to choose something they truly love.

Posing out in the woods, a bride and her bridesmaids in all white gowns

Last but not least, the white bridesmaid dress trend. Holy cow… did someone really do an all white wedding party? Yes ma’am. Why we love this look? Most of us are aware of the unwritten rule at weddings: only the bride gets to wear white at her own wedding party. Well, unless she’s specifically asking you to, we don’t see the shame in it. We actually really dig the casual white bridesmaid dresses. As the photo entails, the ladies all have a different cut and design. Although they’re all wearing white gowns, the bride still stands out with a more elegant look and amazing train. Stay tuned for our very own bridesmaid dress collection coming out later this year.

Until then, happy wedding planning!

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