These Summer Handbags will keep you looking COOL

These Summer Handbags will keep you looking COOL
Shop Eveling is headquartered in Southern California, which means that we’re pretty lucky to have sunny weather almost daily. Although, the heat can really turn up during the prime summer months. We strive to bring you comfort and confidence for any special occasion, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor party. We have great summer styles for your big day; view those summer dresses here. Now let’s talk about handbags!

Pink Floral Aldo Handbag

As stated in our previous blog post, summer styles can be kept semi casual and minimal. No bulky bags allowed! Well, unless you need to carry your colossal size sun hat around indoors. Regardless of your personal style, we have some small cute handbag picks for you. Our first pick this season is the Aldo Rotella Crossbody bag. This handbag would pair perfectly with a solid colored dress like our very own Grey Off Shoulder Dress. The Rotella bag also comes in different colors and patterns and available at a decent price that won’t break the bank ($30).

Cult Gaia Wooden Handbag

Our second top summer bag pick is the Cult Gaia Ark Bag ($148) made entirely of slim bamboo and completely unlined. We don’t recommend this bag if you’re planning on bringing tons of items to the special event. This summer handbag is perfect for a phone, a small make-up bag and your sunglasses. Plus, our usual preference of keeping things simple stays true with this bamboo gem. We definitely recommend pairing this bag with a more casual evening dress, like this pink cutie.

Bali Hand Woven Handbag Ebay

If you prefer to have a bit more privacy as to what’s inside your handbag but love the hand made style, the Bali Island Hand Woven bag ($16) is a dream come true. Entirely made out of straw, this is the perfect go-to summer handbag for that outdoor wedding this month.

Silver Clutch, Straw Clutch and Transparent Clutch

Last but not least, summer clutch bags! The original special occasion handbag. From left to right: Malia Woven Clutch from Anthropologie ($98), the Reagan Straw Pom Clutch from francesca’s ($15) and the Tropical Transparent Clutch available at Nordstrom’s ($35).

At fluctuating prices, it’s easy to stay fashionable all summer long!


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