Mother of the Bride Dress Code: the Do's and Don'ts

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As the mother of the bride, it can be a bit daunting to think about the event planning, coordination, and keeping the entire family satisfied. Especially your daughter, as this is her big day! On top of it all, you also need to look your best. That’s definitely a lot to take in. “Wait a minute, I still need to go shopping for a dress too?” To all our dearest mothers out there, we have the perfect dress style you’ve been looking for. Plus this is such a great opportunity to have that incredible photo op with the whole family looking their finest. Thus, carefully choosing the perfect evening gown is very important. These photos will last a lifetime…

From the left side, a red and nude dress, a camel dress and a black gown

Shop Online for a Unique Wedding Party Outfit

With so many options out there, sometimes we get stuck at the same neighborhood outlets and end up matching with another guest at the wedding party. Yes, in the prime age of digital technology and e-commerce, we still end up dressed the same as others at big social events. You know all those photos will also end up online under your daughter’s unique hashtag on Instagram or tagged on Facebook. Our dresses are high quality and unlike your average retail styles. Now let’s talk about those amazing styles for the special occasion.

From left to right, a red gown, a silver gown and a black cocktail dress

The Unwritten Rules for Wedding Guest Attire

It’s been a long held rule, the unwritten kind, in which the bride is the only one allowed to wear white to the wedding. This is also goes for her mother and mother-in-law. It is also suggested to stay away from sexy style dresses and off white colored, vintage style dresses. Others might say not to match with the bride’s style or color altogether. I mean, some brides prefer not to wear white and have their own amazing unique vision, for example: Kat Von D.We totally adore her goth fashion which created a one-of-a-kind wedding style. Whether it’s an outdoor rustic style event in the South or indoors at a brewery in the midwest... Our final word of advice? Ask your daughter for her own input. Perhaps she would actually like for her mom to match a bit with her wedding look. Or maybe she knows what her mom’s style is and won’t mind the sexy plunging v neckline. Either way, communication is key.

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