Instant Manicure Ideas for a Special Night Out

Blonde female stands outside looking down at her teal dress and heels.
While a classic french manicure and matching pedicure is the usual option (that never fails), sometimes we feel like changing up the style. There are so many factors leading up to nail art ideas for that special wedding party or homecoming event. The main takeaways from the french tip style? Your dress color, your mood, the weather and your location. Yup, location is also key! Thanks to the internet, we can find so many nail salons listed online but very few specialize in distinct art or color variations. This month we will focus on two main nail salons, one in New York and the other in Los Angeles. If you would like us to feature more salons in your state or city, let us know!

Four different nails designs with Japanese art inspiration on female model

First off, we have this delightful nail art, pictured above, from Akiko Nails in New York City. They’re a boutique nail salon specializing in Japanese nail art. And from the looks of it, we can see that they’re definitely creating custom made designs. Match the top left corner design with almost any style gown. That’s a bling-bling design that would be perfect for the bride or for your Sweet 16. The baby blue nail art with a touch of chrome is definitely a favorite for Spring or Summer time. Although, depending on your homecoming dress of choice, you can match it to a fall style dress like this one in our collection. Red is always a bold yet classic color. The bottom red jelly nails can keep your look strong for the wedding season. Last but not least, our top favorite pick from Akiko Nails NYC is the french tip manicure with rose design. Elegant and different, it would go hand in hand a red themed wedding party (or with this gown). We’re in love…

Stars, black hearts and minimal nail color art on female model hand

For those of you who would prefer some minimalist nail art inspo, check out Olive and June in Los Angeles. We’re a huge fan of their star studded nail designs. First off, the classic reverse french tip with gold stars design pictured at the top left. It’s the perfect manicure for almost any special occasion, in our opinion. It can match with the sparkles on your royal blue dress, or pair it with a LBD. Which brings us to a heart shaped french tip mani in black. Another nail design that can match with almost any homecoming dress. Well, what if you can’t decide on the color? Or perhaps your bridesmaids dress has different color variations? Then a tonal-ombré color scheme is the best way to match that amazing outfit. Last but not least, the pink nail color with star design. Add some sparkle to any color with additional nail art stickers or hand painted art. 

After typing up this blog post, I think it’s safe to say that we also need a manicure. Until next time, readers… 


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