Fall Wedding Party: Trends and Decor

Bride Holds Floral Bouquet
Celebrating love has been praised by various countries and religions across the world for centuries. Did you know that the origin of the wedding ring is still a bit ambiguous? According to historians, a possibility for this tradition stemmed from the Roman times. Their belief in the Vena amoris, literally translating to “vein of love,” means that the fourth finger has a blood vessel which runs directly to the heart. It was thought that if the newly wedded couple wore their marriage rings on their fourth finger, then their hearts will always be connected. I think we can easily agree on that theory as it is very romantic. Another popular wedding tradition is having a white wedding dress. This wedding gown style is said to have been popularized by the marriage of Queen Victoria. History lessons aside, we were inspired by these stories to write about color schemes and fall wedding trends in our modern day. (Photo above by D’arcy Benincosa; Floral Design by Jolley’s Gifts and Floral )

Wedding Ceremony Painting Queen Victoria
Painting by George Hayter; Marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
Wedding trends evolve ever so rapidly nowadays, especially with an endless platform of ideas online. Here at Shop Eveling, we enjoy both digital and hard cover research. Yes, we truly love our wedding and fashion magazines in 2019! Some of our favorite trends this season include incorporating popular autumn flavors like apple pie inspired cocktails and a cozy venue with fire pits; along with warm colored decor throughout. We especially love the colors found in the painting for Queen Elizabeth’s wedding. A seasonal yet classic wedding inspiration (pictured above).

Unique Wedding Party Cocktails

Apple Pie Inspired Cocktails; Photo from Brit.co

So how can you prepare for the perfect autumn wedding experience? Timing is everything. Remember, that the sun goes down earlier during the fall harvest season. Plan ahead and make sure the ceremony is held earlier than usual. Weather can also vary... depending on which side of the world you live in. Make sure you and your guests will be comfortable and communicate on suggested wardrobe if your wedding party will take place outdoors.

Good luck with all the fall wedding arrangements and as always, cheers to the newlyweds!


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