Fall 2019, New Evening Gown Arrivals

Ready for the Fall 2019 Gala in a Pink Gown
We hope you’re enjoying the last bit of summer just as much as we are. The dog days are almost over... here in our part of the world that is. As usual, we want to celebrate the upcoming seasonal change with some new arrivals! Yes, we are sharing a bit of our fall line up of formal dress wear with you. Are you ready? Let’s go...

The Strawberry Sundae Trifecta of Formal Wear

Introducing three new fabulous styles which all fall in pink category. Remember that hot commodity of a red sheath dress earlier this year? We have the replica of that bodycon style formal gown in a rose pink color. We must say, this style is simply delicious. Next up, the ultra sexy low v neck evening dress in a hot pink (pictured center). Accompanying its member of the same style but in


, our favorite part of this dress is the symmetrical pattern. The hot pink gown is the perfect homecoming dance look for fall 2019. If you want to keep your style a bit more conservative but sultry, check out the third dress pictured above. It has an off shoulder design but stays tight at the torso. We absolutely feel like a princess waiting for her carriage in this outfit! 

Shop Eveling New Arrivals Fall 2019

Perhaps you would like a look that’s more appropriate yet fun at the same time. Shop Eveling fall arrivals 2019 are here to save your look, honey. For those who prefer a short length skirt, the sleeveless tea length dress is a darling delight. It’s adorned in a royal blue pattern over a black background. It’s playful yet formal. The second gown pictured above features a black top which is embellished throughout. The super cute high to low skirt features a pink floral pattern. These high to low skirts definitely keep you fresh for a fall event. Last but not least, the adorable off shoulder dress features a black top bodice. The baby blue pattern on the skirt screams flower power! Finish the look with a special accessory. 

Speaking of accessories, have you read our blog post about affordable hair accessories? Although, now that summer is almost coming to an end, we are digging the new fall trends for 2019. According to this article by Maya Adivi for Glowsly, lots of fall accessory trends include long and dramatic earrings, shiny chokers and much more. Stay tuned for our fall collection expansion and tips on how to decorate a last minute autumn wedding party.

Stay hydrated, shoppers!


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