Affordable Hair Accessories for a Summer Invitation

Affordable Hair Accessories for a Summer Invitation
Hair Accessories should not come with a hefty price tag. Here at Shop Eveling, we understand that the dress of your dreams is of utmost importance. The confidence you’ll have in a stunning gown will stay through the night of your wedding, senior prom or as that special bridesmaid. So, accessorizing the final look of the night should not be a burden to your wallet, ladies. Thus, we’ve included some of our favorite hair accessories for summer 2019. All of them are just darling and at reasonable prices!

Butterfly Clip, Headband, Bee Pins from Mod Cloth

These dazzling hair accessories from Mod Cloth are delightful! Both unique in design and so delicately beautiful, a great match for your evening dress. Pictured above are the top three picks from us at Shop Eveling dresses. The “Festive Flight Butterfly Hair Comb” is the perfect addition to that angelic hair do. The multi-color butterfly comb goes great on a bright color, pastel prom dress! Maybe you’re the special maid of honor or the bride to be? The “Sassy Statement Fascinator” is a darling addition to the wedding party! Want to keep your look and style more simple? Our last pick is the perfect hair item for your summer gala. At only $9 for the pair, this “Bee Prepared Pin Set” is absolutely adorable! Check them out at the link above.

Hair Pin Set from Urban Outfitters

Alright ladies and gents, if your style this summer is more on the casual, natural-hair-do side… we definitely have some picks for you! These chic hair accessories are too darn cute to turn down! All three are available at Urban Outfitters and are decently priced. The “Lindsay Pearl Hair Pin Set” gives you more options and multiple uses. We especially love the diamond shaped hair pin. Très chic!  Our second pic from Urban Outfitters is the “Luxe Pearl Hair Clip Set” which comes in a set of four that can be easily paired together or seperate. Last but not least, the “Heart Clip” is a divine delight. Keeping it casual and full of love, all while living your best life this summer! We hope you loved our picks, and don’t forget to come back next month for more fashion trends, wedding style wardrobes and much more!


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